Saturday, May 24, 2014

Ziauddin Barani : leading Medieval Historian of India

One of the foremost medieval historians of India, Ziauddin Barani was born in 1286 in the reign of Salve Sultan Balban of Delhi Sultanate. His famous works are Tarikhi-Firozshahi and Fatwa –i- Jahandajri which were written under the patronage of Firoz Tughlaq, the last prominent ruler of the Tughlaq dynasty. 

A highly educated man of noble descent, Barni lived more than seventy five years and was a contemporary of Muhammad bin Tughluq and Friuz Shah Tughluq.

Completed in 1359 AD, Tarikh-i-Firozshahi begins with the accession of Balban and concludes with the sixth year of the reign of Firoz Firoz Tughlaq

Fatwa –i- Jahandajri describes about principles and ideals of government

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