Monday, May 26, 2014

Bhadrabahu, The Jaina Teacher

Bhadrabahu was the Jaina monk under whose leadership , due to a serious famine at the end of Mauryan emperor Chandragupta’s reign, a large Jaina monks migrated from Magadha  to Sarvanabelgola in Karnataka at the close of the fourth century BC. These monks set up important centres of Jainism in Deccan.

Out of this exodus arose the famous split of Jainism into two sects, namely the Digamabaras (“Space-clad”, i.e. naked) and Shvetambaras (“white clad”).

While Bhadrabahu insisted that his followers should not wear clothes thereby retaining the rule of Nudity established by the Jaina founder Mahavira, Sthulabhadra,,who remained in the North (Magadha), allowed the monks to wear white clothes.



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