Thursday, June 27, 2013

Bahlul Khan Lodi: Founder of Lodi Dynasty

Bahlul (also written as Buhlol, Bahlol and Buhlul) Khan Lodi was the founder of the Lodi dynasty, the last of the five dynasties, the combination of which is known as Delhi sultanate.  The Lodis , who were Afghan by race, ruled for seventy five years from 1451-1526 till their last ruler Ibrahim Lodi was defeated and killed by Babur in the First battle of Panipat in 1526 resulting in the establishment of Mughal empire in India.

Buhlul Lodi ruled for long thirty-nine years (1451-89). He was the governor of Lahore and Sirhind during the rule of Muhammad Shah of Sayyid dynasty. In 1451, Buhlul was given the throne of Delhi on a platter by Muhammad’s son Ala-ud-din Alam Shah, the last of the Sayyids. 

During Buhlul’s reign Mahmud Shah of the Sharqi kingdom of Jaunpur tried to capture Delhi. He however failed in his attempt. Buhul compelled Ahmad Khan of Mewat, lsa Khan of Koil, Dariya Khan of Sambhal, Raja Pratap Singh of Mainpuri and Bhongaon, Mubarak Khan of Suket, Qutb Khan of Rewari, and the chiefs of Etawah, Chandwar and other districts of the Doab, to owe their allegiance to him. These chieftains were however not treated with Iron hand by Buhul. As a result they readily submitted to the rule of Delhi Sultanate.

Buhlul’s biggest achievement was the conquest of the Sharqi kingdom of Jaunpur which was annexed into the Delhi Sultanate. His eldest surviving son Barbak Shah, was appointed governor of Jaunpur in 1486.

Buhlul Lodi died in l489, near the town of Jalali. His tomb is located adjacent to the shrine of the famous Sufi saint, Nasiruddin Chirag-e-Delhi, in Chirag Delhi area of South Delhi.

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