Sunday, May 12, 2013

Rash Behari Ghose: Moderate INC Leader

Born in Khandaghosh village in the Burdwan district of West Bengal in 1845, Rash Behari Ghose was an eminent lawyer, educationist, social worker and philanthropist. His was a brilliant academic career. He proved to be a very successful lawyer.

Rash Behari Ghose was a leading leader of the moderate wing of the Indian National Congress. During the freedom struggle for India there were two divisions in the Indian National Congress (INC)- moderate and extremist. He is said to have called the extremists “irresponsible agitators” and “pestilential demagogues”. He was a believer in the British sense of justice.    

Rash Behari Ghose was elected President of the Indian national Congress at the Surat session of 1907. It was at the Surat session when INC split into two sections: moderate and extremist.  Rash Behari Ghose breathed his last on February, 28, 1921.  

The Congress Party which currently rules India at the centre has retained the name Indian National Congress.

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