Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Bloody Birth of Bangladesh

The emergence of Bangladesh as a sovereign country in 1971 is an important event in the world history. At the time of Indian independence in 1947 Bangladesh was a part of newly created nation of Pakistan. Since then, ( it is still the case) Pakistan had been carrying their hate India campaign since its creation. It was nor ready (is still not ready) to understand that the future of India and Pakistan depends on peace and cooperation between these two countries.

Before its independence in 1971 Bangladesh was described as Eastern Pakistan. Due to the high handedness of the West Pakistan (present Pakistan) over the people of Eastern Pakistan, the situation came to such a pass that the people of the eastern Pakistan were in no mood to submit to the reckless dictates of the Western Pakistani authorities.

The first elections in Pakistan were held in 1970. The Awami League of eastern Pakistan, under the leadership of Sheikh Mujibur Rahman, got an absolute majority winning 160 out of 162 seats For East Pakistan in the National Assembly. However, the army Commander-in Chief, General Yahya Khan, who was ruling the country, refused to set up a representative government. As a result a civil disobedience movement led by Sheikh Mujibur Rahman was launched in eastern Pakistan. General Yahya Khan unleashed a reign of terror resulting in the killing of thousands of people. Many fled to India to escape the genocide. People of Eastern Pakistan took to guerilla warfare and liberation of Bangladesh became the battle cry .

Bangladesh Flag

On 28th March, 1971, the liberation army chief major Ziaudding Khan, announced the formation of Bangladesh Government. Sheikh Mujibur Rahman was named the president. As the massacre of the people was carried by the western Pakistani armies, India could not afford to remain a silent spectator.

The make the matter worse, Pakistan declared war on India on 4th December. Pakistan was summarily defeated and India officially recognized Bangladesh as an independent country on 6th December. The combined forces of India and Bangladesh inflicted crushing defeat on the Pakistan armies. On 16th December Pakistani troops surrendered to Lt. General Jagjit Singh Aurora, the chief Commander of the Joint military command of India and Bangladesh.

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