Thursday, April 17, 2014

Futuh –us-Sulatin by Isami

Born in 1311 AD, Khwaja Abd Malik Isami has written a political history called Futuh–us-Sulatin, dedicated to the founder of the Bahmani kingdom, Alauddin Hasan Bahman Shah. 

Composed in a form of an epic, Futuh –us-Sulatin begins with the rise of the Ghaznavi dynasty and concludes with the reign of Sultan Muhamamd bin Tughlaq.

According to Isami, Balban became the ruler of the Slave dynasty by murdering his predecessor and son-in-law Nasir-ud-din Mahmud. Regarding the rationale of shifting his capital from Delhi to Deogir (Daultabad) in the Deccan by Muhamamd bin Tughlaq,  this fourteen century historian says that  the decision was taken as Daultabad was centrally located and consequently safe from the Mongol invasion, a recurrent feature during the period.



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