Friday, November 16, 2012

Desalpur: A Harappan Site in Gujarat

Total number of Harappan sites in the western state of Gujarat is more than 190. Prominent among them are Lothal, Prabhas Patan, Rojdi, Desalpur and Surkotda.

Situated near Gunthali in Nakhatrana Taulka of Kutch district, the small Harappan site of Desalpur is famous for disproportionately large fortification. Excavation at the site was conducted by Archeological Survey of India during 1963-63.

During the Indus Valley Civilization, the township of Desalpur was fortified. The fortification wall was constructed of stones with mud filling inside. Many houses were constructed just against the inner face of the fortification wall. In the centre was found a structural complex having massive walls and the rooms with offsets. It seems that the building must have been some important structure during the times.  
There is an urgent need to take steps as this Harappan site, located on the banks of Bbhadar river, is facing erosion.

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