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Muzaffarid dynasty of Gujarat

Muzaffarid dynasty of Gujarat was founded by Zafar Khan, who was appointed governor of Gujarat in 1391 by the ruler of Delhi Sultanate, with the title Muzaffar Khan. Zafar Khan was son of Sadharan, a Jat convert to Islam. Firuz Shah Tughluq was married to Sadharan’s sister. Muzaffar Khan remained loyal to Delhi sultanate and was able to suppress the rebellions of Muslim and Hindu chieftains. Though deposed by his son Tatar Khan in 1403-4, he was restored to the throne by his uncle, Shams Khan Dandani, who poisoned Tatar Khan.

Muzaffer proclaimed his independence as Muzaffer Shah in 1407. After his death in 1411 the throne passed on to Shihabuddin Ahmad Shah who ruled for thirty-one years. During his reign, Ahmad Shah (1411-42), son of the dead Tatar Khan, was engaged in continuous warfare and consolidated the Gujarat Sultanate.

Ahmad Shah was succeeded by Muhammad Shah (1442-51), who was followed by Qutubuddin Ahmad Shah II (1451-59). Fath Khan, who became ruler of Gujarat Sultanate at a young age of thirteen as Mahmud Shah (1459-1511), is considered to be the greatest ruler of Muzaffarid dynasty of Gujarat. Mahmud died in November 1511. Mahmud was said to have a long beard that reached his girdle, and he tied his very long moustaches behind his head.
Mahmud’s successor, Muzaffar II died in 1526. Bahadur Shah who ruled from 1526 to 1537 was the last important ruler of the dynasty.

Muzaffarid dynasty of Gujarat was annexed to the Mughal Empire by Akbar in 1573. Muzaffar Shah III was the last ruler of the Gujarat Sultanate.

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